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SW电子官网 公司基本信息

  • 公司名称:澳大利亚邮政物流
  • 单号查询电话:+󺿚󺀡 󺣞󺸝󺸝󺏿󺌶󺀪󺙹󺏿󺟑 公司网站:暂无
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SW电子官网 公司简介

Australia Post is part of the fabric of Australian life. Through our people, products, services and community investment, we contribute to everyday life and business success across the nation. We are part of every day.

Vision & mission

Committed to providing high-quality mail and parcel services to all Australians.

Heritage properties

With over 120 heritage properties in our portfolio, this is a fascinating insight into the history and strategy of managing these buildings.

Corporate governance

Designed to provide appropriate levels of disclosure and accountability. A detailed statement is provided each year in the annual report.

Customer service charter

Our role in the Australian community including our service standards.

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